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How secure is your home? 5 common security myths busted!

How secure is your home? 5 common security myths busted!

Unfortunately, there are so many common myths concerning home security alarm systems that make it confusing for consumers and homeowners to know what is true or what is not. Some information can be conflicting, so to raise awareness, dispel any confusion, and to clarify security-related matters, we have a created a list with the top 5 common security myths and give you the facts you need to help clear things up.

Myth #1: I never had a break-in so I don’t need a home alarm system.
The point is to prevent a break-in, so if your house has never been broken into, that doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible for a break-in. By having an alarm will only protect your home, but also stop possible thieves from entering in the first place. It is probably the only thing you can do to prevent anyone unauthorised to enter into your house, leave nothing to fate.

Myth #2: My pet will protect my house.
Whether you have a German Shepherd, a Doberman or any other dog breed that make the best guard dogs due to their protective nature, it isn’t fair to put them in any danger. If a perpetrator breaks into your home, your pets may be tempted away with treats or they could potentially be hurt in some way. Don’t expose your pets to any danger. Play safe and choose a security system instead.

Myth #3: Burglaries happen at night.
Do they really? When we think of burglars we immediately conjure a picture of someone dressed in black, cat-like creeping into a house at night while the occupants are asleep to steal quietly and not be seen. But, as a matter of fact, robberies happen during the day, whilst people are at work. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, a home with a security system is protected 24/7.

Myth #4: I don’t own anything worth stealing.
You may not think you have anything worth stealing, but desperate people will steal anything. It doesn’t mean you have to have collectible works of art or diamonds hidden anyway in your home to feel susceptible to theft. Intruders can steal anything from money, passports, electrical and electronic appliances to power tools. Basically, anything that can be sold. Everyone has valuables in their homes, be it of financial value or sentimental value, so it’s important to make sure your house is safe.

Myth #5: Security systems are easy to beat.
In movies, we see security systems being busted by high tech criminals, however this is pure fiction. In the real world technology has reached new heights. If a power cut occurs there are backup battery systems, you can arm, disarm or see the status of the system from your mobile phone, you can manage your security system from anywhere wirelessly. There are many ways to make a security system safer, reliable and efficient, for instance by using secure passwords, encrypted signals and antivirus software.

Hopefully, by dispelling these five common beliefs around home security, we have helped you understand how important is to have a burglar alarm system in your house. Lysi Security can offer you a range of burglar alarm systems to help you meet today’s challenges of securing and surveilling your home. Get in touch with us today on 70006005 or for a free quote and learn more about all our home security options.