Access control systems

Whether you’re at home or work, you want to have control over access to your space, take decisions and monitor who is allowed in. Whether we’re talking about an ordinary lock combined with a door video system or some sort of more advanced access control system, the truth is that access control is synonymous with privacy.

How access control systems work

There are three types of access control systems that check different parameters to see if access permission can been granted:

  1. Something the user knows, like a password, phrase or code.
  2. Something the user has, like a smartcard or key
  3. Something the user has, like fingerprints which can be checked against biometric readings.

Each of those systems offers a different level of control and security and is appropriate for different sorts of needs. Building on those basics, we examine your premises and the challenges you face to design the right access control system for you, then install it and monitor traffic after that. Using the power of technology, coupled with our own know-how and dedication to what we do, we can ensure that we keep undesirables out of your premises and make sure that you feel safe in our hands.