Control centre / 24 hour monitoring

How would you feel if you knew someone was monitoring the output from your home or business security system and would respond immediately if needed? Lysi Security’s control centre offers 24 hour monitoring of the output from those systems meaning you can have greater peace of mind. In reality, it means that a specially trained team is remotely checking how your systems are functioning round the clock, recording any incidents and immediately responding to them. So, if someone tries to break into your premises and the alarm goes off, our control centre is notified immediately and our team can handle the situation appropriately by notifying the competent department, individual, service, patrol vehicle, or even by calling the police.

Connecting to our control centre means we receive signals about the following matters and you are notified about:

– alarms / break-ins and their exact location.
– fires or signals on the fire detection panel.
– the system being armed and disarmed by an unknown user.
– system arming/disarming checks, at pre-defined opening hours, where the user’s ID is confirmed.
– power outages on the system and the restoration of power.

– battery outages or disconnections and restoration or reconnection.

– restoration or reset signals after phone line problems.
– emergency indicators on the system’s main panel.
– zone exclusion signals when the alarm is armed.
– siren disconnect signals.
– problems or short-circuits with cables in a specific zone.

– 24 hour operational tests.

– robbery – medical emergency buttons

– refrigerator checks (checking for rises or falls in temperature)

– optical confirmation of alarms using our cameras. Business hour checks by the control centre.

Arming/disarming and business hours checks:

Every day we check and notify you immediately about:
– Deviations from normal business hours.
– Users entering the premises outside of working hours.

– Delays in the security system arming itself.

We call you to notify you about:
– possible delays in the system disarming after business hours commence (in the morning) (this is an extra service)

– delays in arming the system at the end of business hours (a reminder message) (in the evening)

– Entry by authorised users to your business premises (depending on their security level) outside of business hours, at night, weekends or official holidays.

We send out reports with the signals the control centre has received.

24 hour monitoring of the output from your security systems is what will maximise the sense of security you and your family feel, since you know that one of us is always on the lookout for you. That’s precisely what our motto “Safe in our Hands” means.