Consultancy services

Keeping your home and property safe and protected is just as important for us as it is for you. What counts above all is the result, that you are safe and feel safe in the hands of the Lysi Security team. That’s why we’ve designed a series of add-on consultancy services to help you design and assess security options, so that we can make sure, and reassure you that the level of safety and the safety measures you have taken are suitable for your needs. With that in mind we can prepare security designs for new projects or evaluate existing ones, with no obligation on your end to follow through. We simply offer our know-how by preparing a security study and then suggest solutions, corrective measures or new measures that could be taken, and you then decide when and how you want to proceed.

For us security is a priority and what counts is that anyone who decides to collaborate with us in any way feels truly safe and protected. Our consultancy services coupled with our cutting-edge anti-theft systemsalarm systems, CCTV systems and other services guarantee our associates just that: that they feel safe in our hands.