Fire alarms

One of the most common, yet unexpected causes of damage, fire can wreak havoc in seconds. That’s why in addition to being a legal obligation, fire safety is a key concern of anyone who wants to feel really safe. A fire alarm system consists of a number of devices installed at various locations around the premises which work together to identify a fire and warn individuals using visual and audio means when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are identified. Alarms can be triggered by smoke or heat detectors. Alarms can take the form of mechanical bells, sirens or horns. They can also feature a speaker that emits an alarm followed by an evacuation message stating that there is a fire.

EN 54 is the mandatory standard fire detection and fire alarm systems in the European Union, designed to put in place harmonised technical rules used by a notified body to evaluate and certify products in this sector through a series of special tests in a home environment. Every fire alarm system needs to comply with the specifications laid down in the EN 54 standard to obtain the CE marking which is needed if the product is to be delivered to and installed in any EU country. It’s a standard that’s now also widely used worldwide. Lysi Security’s entire range of fire alarms are approved and certified so that we can ensure in every possible way that you are safe in our hands in all events, even in the event of a fire.