Security guards

Security guards are one of the best, most effective forms of security. They’re specially trained individuals who undertake to protect you and your property against a range of risks such as damage to property, unsafe employee behaviour, criminal activity, and so on, by taking preventative measures. That’s achieved primarily by being visibly present at your premises. Wherever there are security guards the likelihood of criminal behaviour is lower. It’s also achieved by being on the lookout for signs of crime or any commotion (either in person or in patrols or by monitoring alarm or camera feeds). Moreover, security guards take steps to reduce damage by warning trespassers and accompanying them off your property, reporting all incidents to the client, and to the emergency services if need be. In other words, security guards are your eyes, ears and sentinels all in one.

Lysi Security is aware of both the importance of security guards and the nitty-gritty of their job and works with fully trained guards whom we can allocate to cover your security needs. Our know-how, dedication and expertise in the field means you have every reason to feel safe in our hands.