Can dummy security cameras prevent burglaries?


Can dummy security cameras prevent burglaries?

Cameras are certainly a deterrent to potential burglars. However, can dummies have the same effect?


It is a fact that security cameras are one of the most effective measures for putting thieves off. They can act as a deterrent simply because they are visible at your premises. When criminals see CCTV systems on your property, whether it be a home or business premises, they often decide that it is better to seek out another target.

This situation has made many people wonder whether installing dummy cameras will have the same results. While dummy cameras may resemble real CCTV systems, they cannot record or transmit videos. That idea is nothing new. Many people already display signs indicating the existence of security systems at their premises, whether they exist or not, while others hang signs that their home is being guarded by a dog. What lies behind such behaviours is the hope that owners will manage to fool criminals. How effective is that in reality?

Although dummy cameras are more cost-effective than a real CCTV system, they are certainly not as effective. Of course, if there are cameras (even dummy ones) it is better than nothing. Dummy cameras can confuse ordinary thieves, but they are not really that effective against experienced criminals. A professional burglar will be able to spot the difference and once he understands that the cameras are not recording anything, the “system” will no longer be act as a deterrent.

Another negative thing is that if a burglary does occur there will be no evidence. When real cameras fail to act as a deterrent, they can at least provide valuable evidence to help lead to the arrest of the criminals.

The advantages of a real CCTV system in reality are even greater. One of the most important things is that it allows the owner to remotely operate the cameras via a tablet or smartphone. Owners can monitor what is happening at their premises online, in real time round the clock.

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