Have you planned any Christmas holidays?
How will you set your mind at ease that your home is safe and sound?


Have you planned any Christmas holidays? How will you set your mind at ease that your home is safe and sound?

Are you ready to organize a getaway for the holiday season but are worried about keeping your home safe? No need to worry! Lysi Security has the very best solutions to offer you.


Christmas is a time most people want to spend with their family or very close friends. Many of you will be organising trips, whether short or long, while some of you will be heading back to your parents to spend the holidays with them. The only thing that’s certain though is that your home will remain empty for quite some time. 


So, what’s going to happen with your empty home? What can you do to make sure your property is safe and that no uninvited visitors get in while you’re away? What steps can you take? 


Alarm system

An alarm system is always the most direct and effective solution. Even if you have already installed a system, make sure to check for new updates. Ensure that the system you choose includes door and window sensors. Some systems allow you to automatically monitor what happens at home, and to remotely manage things using a computer or smartphone. That allows you to stay apprised of what’s going on at all times. So you’ll have less stress and more time to relax.


If the alarm system you choose is automatically connected to a round-the-clock monitoring station, you can be absolutely certain that no matter what happens, someone will be ready to act immediately.


Intercom System

The main function of any intercom system is to enable you to see who is ringing your bell without having to open the door. But what happens if you’re away from home? As a general rule, anyone interested in breaking into a house first checks whether the owners are inside by ringing the bell. Lysi Security’s intercom system allows you, as home-owner, to remotely answer and see who’s at the door. Every time someone rings the bell, you receive a notification on your phone so you can see and talk to the visitor in real time. That way you can give the impression that you’re inside the house.


Household automation

Technology is always there for us in the ‘illusions game’. ‘Smart homes’ offer a lot of convenience. Some of conveniences on offer can play an important role in protecting your assets. Household automation allows you to remotely control both lighting and various devices such as computers or televisions. You can create the impression that someone is always at home, even if you’re far away. 


Why should you opt for Lysi Security?

Lysi Security specialises in security services and systems and has many years of experience of designing efficient automation systems.


If you need any more information feel free to contact us.