3+1 tips on how to protect your home garage.


3+1 tips on how to protect your home garage.

Do you have an indoor garage at home? How can you keep that part of your home safe and protected?

It’s true that the existence of a garage that connects internally to you home could be a temptation to potential burglars. That’s because garages are considered a favourite entry point for burglars since they can be easily broken into.

When you’re examining your home’s safety, don’t neglect the garage for any reason. In addition to being where you leave your car, the garage can also provide easy access to the rest of the house. So how can you integrate it into the rest of your home security system and what points do you need to pay attention to?

1 Don’t forget to lock the garage

While this tip may sound completely obvious, it’s amazing that in many cases burglars don’t even have to break a door to get into a house! They simply get in through an unlocked front door or through the garage. So one very simple tip: Never forget to lock your garage.

2 Install lights around the garage

Strong lighting is always a deterrent to burglars in deciding whether to break into your own property or not. Installing lighting around your garage can keep burglars away. In fact, if you connect those lights to other home automation systems, you can remotely check on them using your mobile phone. This will allow you to turn them on from your car before you even reach home, providing both you and your property with a higher degree of protection and safety.  

3 Install CCTV

CCTVcan really play a very important role in protecting outdoors area of your home and your garage too. In addition to the fact that the mere appearance of cameras makes your house less likely to be targeted by a burglar, you can also check at any time what is happening at the locations where cameras are installed. You’ll be able to check the slightest noise you might hear, without even leaving your living room or bedroom.

+1 Install an alarm system

A household security system, which includes the garage, can be a real life-saver. At the slightest suspicion of a break-in, the alarm will sound, making sure the aspiring burglar takes flight. It is also possible to connect the home alarm system to a 24/7 central monitoring station which will record the incident and immediately respond. No matter the time, the station will immediately notify the police about any sign of a break-in.  

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