How can home security affect teleworking?


How can home security affect teleworking?

How is home security linked to teleworking? What should both employees and employers be looking out for?


In the last years teleworking has been gradually gaining ground in some companies. Besides, many companies had long wanted to introduce a hybrid work model, where employees would be able to work both at the office and from home. The COVID-19 pandemic put a rush on these plans. Some companies were prepared for this transition, while others found it harder.

Companies worldwide are trying to evolve based on the new developments in teleworking. However, what’s the role of security in all these? How can security managers ensure that employees, their workplace and the company’s data are protected?

What are the risks associated with teleworking?

From equipment theft to accidents at home. Many risks can arise within a home. Especially when the work is directly linked to it, how protected are both the employees and the companies? A home burglary is something you may unfortunately experience at one stage in your life. Currently the problem lies in the office equipment an employee may have moved to their home.

Their computer or laptop may be stolen if a burglar enters the home. If the theft takes place at the company’s premises, the employer is liable in terms of whether they took any prevention measures or not. But what happens at home? A potential theft, for example, does not just result in the loss of a computer, but also in the loss of the files and possibly the login credentials stored in it. If the computer provides access to company files and the burglar gains access to them, then this is considered a serious security breach for the company. 

However, apart from the risks associated with external factors, there is also the likelihood of a home accident. If the accident occurred at the company’s premises, the employee is definitely not liable. How liable are they, though, in the event of a fire, for example, at their home?

What measures can you take?

Prevention is surely the best way to get ahead of such situations. An alarm system at home offers many benefits, not just for protecting the company’s equipment and data, but mainly for your own protection and that of your family. Make sure that you install a latest technology burglar alarm system, which you will be able to operate remotely from your mobile or tablet, so that you are always aware of what’s happening at your home.

If you wish to further fortify your home security, you may combine the alarm system with the installation of a CCTV system or an intercom system, or with a link to a 24/7 central monitoring station. As for home safety against accidents, a home automation system and fire alarms may provide the solution you are seeking.

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