How can you keep your business safe and secure while working from home?


How can you keep your business safe and secure while working from home?

Our day to day living conditions have changed. Whether it’s due to the pandemic or the increase in teleworking and e-commerce, many brick-and-mortar stores and businesses remain closed. How can you protect your business and what can you do to improve your security?

With so many businesses now operating remotely, it is very important to ensure that your security systems for your business premisesoperate to their full potential, and to take additional measures where necessary. New teleworking conditions mean it is more important than ever to check your premises, since you cannot be there.

What should you be doing and what security services should your business premises have?


Alarm systems

The alpha and omega of building security is an alarm system. It helps prevent and detect criminal acts while new technology can be the ideal solution now that you are far from your store or business.


The new smart control panels allow you to remotely operate the alarm system no matter where you are, at any time, simply using your smartphone. Checking in on your business is literally in your hands, allowing you to feel a great sense of security.



CCTV allows you to monitor your business premises online and remotely round the clock from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The system allows video cameras to be used to monitor indoors and outdoors in real time.


Of course, in times like these it’s good to focus on what is happening outside the store and not inside. For example, it is preferable for cameras to monitor all entry points rather than an empty corridor.


24/7 Central Monitoring Station

Our Central Monitoring Station is an excellent solution that ensures your business is kept 100% safe and secure. A specially trained team can undertake to check systems, record incidents and respond immediately to them round the clock, seven days a week.


So if there’s a break in or robbery, an alarm goes off, there’s a fire or smoke is detected, or there’s a power outage or some piece of equipment has a low battery, etc., the central monitoring station is immediately notified and can respond accordingly to the situation. It is also possible to notify a contact person, department, agency or the police.


One extra piece of security

It’s not just that there’s a risk of robbery. When you’re not at your business premises every day to check what is going on, many problems can arise. One of those is the risk of fire.


If you want to properly manage the risk of fire, fire alarms are a must; a fire-related incident could cause incalculable damage within just a few seconds.


Why should you opt for Lysi Security?

Lysi Security specialises in security services and systems and has many years of experience in this field.


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