How to make your home more secure for summer


How to make your home more secure for summer

Summer is nearing, and the mood for holidays and short getaways is getting stronger. But how can you be sure that your home will be safe and protected while you’re away?


It’s a fact that many houses are often left unoccupied for long periods during this time of the year. So it makes sense to ensure that your home security is top notch before you go away on summer holidays. What should you do and what are the necessary steps to make sure that your home will remain safe and protected?


Keep the house looking busy

If you have a gardener or a cleaner, make sure that they stick to their usual schedule. This way, you’ll get the meaning across that your home is being tended to, and has not been left unoccupied, closed and abandoned. Therefore, it will not be an easy target for potential burglars. If there’s no one who tends to your house, you can ask a friend, neighbour or relative to check the place regularly.


Make sure that someone collects your mail

By the same token, it is just as important for your home to look lived-in, especially if you are away for a long time. Before leaving, get someone to come around and collect your mail, so that letters and magazines do not pile up on your front door. 


Avoid social media posts

It’s nice to share photos and experiences with your online friends on social media. Ideally, though, it would be best to wait until you get back home before posting your favourite snapshots from your trip. This is a classic piece of advice. Keep a low profile on social media, so that you do not let others know your house is unoccupied, by posting your itinerary or checking in at airports. This information is easily accessible and can leave your home vulnerable to intruders.


Invest in home security systems

Apart from a burglary, many other things can happen while you’re away  Home automation systems can prevent many accidents. For starters, by connecting them to a fire alarm, you can get notified of any changes.


In addition, the new alarm systems and the latest intercom systems allow remote monitoring, as well as the option of answering the door from your mobile. In addition, a home automation system allows you to control your home lighting system from your mobile. This way, you make it look as if someone is home, even if you’re on holidays. 


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