Smart Home: Why are more and more people opting for home automation?


Smart Home: Why are more and more people opting for home automation?

Many people want to turn their home into a “smart home”. How can home automation make day-to-day life easier and why is that choice now an option for ever more people?


Technology is evolving daily, providing immediate, simple solutions to the numerous problems that arise in our day-to-day lives. Why should the home be an exception to that trend? Indeed, transforming where you live into a “smart home” is now a necessity.


In the past, people used to think that “smart homes” meant living a luxury lifestyle. Today, thanks to the wide range of choices available, acquiring a smart home is easier and more feasible than ever before


Why invest in a smart home with home automation?


Unbelievable convenience for your home or business premises

Imagine all those times you left work and wondered whether you’d turned off all the lights, or all those times when you knew you’d get home late and wished it was already warm and cosy when you stepped through the door. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could check and control those things –and so much else– just at the touch of a button on your mobile phone?


That is precisely the convenience that home automation systems offer you. They allow you to check and control everything inside your home, no matter where you are. Household appliances, lighting, heating, air-conditioning, entertainment systems and much else besides are available at the touch of a screen. That makes your life easier and your home more energy efficient.


Improving home security

Home automation also allows you to make your home safer than ever before: regardless of whether you’re at home or not, you can control locks, alarms and even the intercom system simply by using your tablet or mobile phone. Burglar alarms and fire detection systems can protect you at all times.


Among other things, home automation systems can be connected to motion detectors, CCTVs, automated door locks and other tangible security measures so you can activate them with one swipe before you drift off to sleep. You can also choose to receive security alerts on various devices and to monitor your premises in real time no matter where you are.


Ideal for holiday homes or short-term lets

The fact that home automation can be controlled remotely makes it the ideal choice for holiday homes or homes you frequently rent out for short periods of time. You can check the security systems and adjust the temperature or the water heater shortly before your tenants arrive, without even having to leave the comfort of your own home.


“Smart Homes”: good for environment – good for your finances

Using a touch button or mobile app you can control numerous gadgets or systems. This results in energy savings, which helps both the environment and your pocket. Using home automation, you can control your home heating and cooling systems, turn the lights on or off, or shut off a tap you may have left running.


Why should you opt for Lysi Security?

Lysi Security designs efficient automation systems that reduce both energy and environmental costs, while at the same time the company’s extensive experience in the security systems sector automatically means there’s no choice that’s more reliable than us.


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