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Welcome to the Smart Home era!

“Smart Home” is a term commonly used to define a residence where household appliances are interconnected and communicate with one another, from lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, entertainment and video systems to security and CCTV systems. It is now possible to control the temperature, lighting and security of your home with the swipe of a finger or the touch of a screen.

Any device that is part of the home automation system can be controlled and accessed using a smartphone, tablet or computer, no matter whether you are in the next room or many miles away.

Home automation can be as basic as dimming the lights with a remote control or as complex as setting up a network of items in your home, such as a thermostat, security system, lighting and audio and video systems. These can be easily programmed from anywhere in the world using a main controller or your smartphone!

Smart home automation allows you to tap into high-tech functionality and luxury that wasn’t possible in the past. As technology advances, so will the possibilities for consumer home automation, making your life easier, and your home more energy efficient and enjoyable.

Lysi Security designs effective automation systems that reduce both energy and environmental costs, while securing a return on your investment. We take your premises a step closer to green technology. Time to make your home and business smart!

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