Why choose CCTV for your business?


Why choose CCTV for your business?

Are you interested in installing CCTV at your business, but are still wondering whether it’s the right move for you? What are the advantages of taking such a step?

 Many professionals wonder whether they should invest in a CCTV system for their business. Some may be hesitant, perhaps because they haven’t yet understood the advantages such a decision entails.

So how can they benefit from a system of this type? What are the 5 advantages of CCTV?

Preventing and deterring crime

One of the key advantages of CCTV is its ability to prevent and deter crime. A camera has great power and can put prospective criminals off, automatically increasing the risk for the prospective wrongdoer and making the presence of the law clearly felt.

Monitoring business activities

CCTV systems can help you monitor what’s going on at the location where the cameras are installed. By monitoring the activities of employees and visitors while they are on your business premises, you and your staff can rest completely assured knowing exactly what is going on at all times.

Collecting evidence

CCTV is very useful not only in preventing crimes but also if a crime has been committed. The system can provide evidence that can assist the investigation. Crimes can be solved much more easily using evidence collected by a CCTV camera, helping to identify the time, the precise location and, above all, the suspects.

Supporting decision-making

Workplace tensions and misunderstandings can arise between employees or between an employee and a customer. The information collected by a CCTV system can help resolve any issues of that sort and protect your staff from malicious and unsubstantiated accusations.

Suitable for all types of business

CCTV cameras can detect any criminal activity and protect your property. They are ideal for both small stores and much larger business premises since cameras come in different types (indoor, outdoor and thermal imaging cameras) depending where you need to install them.


Why choose a CCTV system from Lysi Security?

Lysi Security has been operating in the sector for more than a decade, providing reliable, professional security solutions. Lysi Security’s CCTV system offers 100% intrusion-free coverage and eliminates all blind spots.

It’s also state-of-the-art since it allows you to view your premises online and remotely via your smartphone, tablet or computer no matter what time of day it is.

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