Why it is important to install
a Video Door Phone System at home.


Why it is important to install a Video Door Phone System at home.

Are you unsure whether or not you need to install a Video Door Phone System at home? Discover all you need to know about how to stay safe.

Couriers, delivery men, online orders… There are many reasons why your door bell keeps on ringing. The good old days when only friends and relatives popped round are gone. Have you ever wondered how secure you are in your own home?

Is a Video Door Phone System a luxury or a necessity nowadays? Below we explain some of the reasons why it’s essential to install one.


The benefits of a Video Door Phone System


Increase your security

A complete Video Door Phone System can offer more security than an ordinary doorbell. See who is outside your door and decide whether you want to speak to them, open the door, or grant them access to your home.


Increase in online shopping

COVID-19 has affected our lives and changed the way we shop. During lockdown, more and more couriers have been calling at our doors. How sure can you be, though, about who is on the other side of the door?

A Video Door Phone System can protect you from unpleasant situations.


Avoid Vandalism

Only the presence of a Video Door Phone System can prevent potential vandalism. Our experience has shown that the fear that someone will see potential vandals through the camera can act to dissuade them.


Kids home alone

How many times have you left your kids home alone but kept on worrying whether a stranger will come calling at the door? With an easy-to-use Video Door Phone System, you can eliminate this risk since they will be able to see who is outside.


Wealth improvement

A fully secure house is always more attractive to potential buyers or renters. If your house has a complete Burglar Alarm System installed in combination with a Video Door Phone System, it can be your basic edge over the competition.


Innovations from Lysi Security

Other than the standard functionality offered by ordinary Video Door Phone Systems, one of the key innovations of the Video Door Phone System from Lysi Security is that it allows you to remotely access the system through your smartphone even when you are not at home.

The system can be easily programmed so you receive notifications direct to your smartphone whenever a visitor buzzes your doorbell. You can see who is calling, speak to them, or even let them in if you so wish. You can also record what your visitor gets up to. In case your visitor doesn’t get a reply from you, they have the option to leave you a video message.