Why should you upgrade your business’ security system?


Why should you upgrade your business’ security system?

It’s not simple running a business properly. A good security system can really make a difference, which is why upgrading it should be a priority. What exactly should you change and what should you look out for?


Running your own business, be it a retail store or an office, requires great care. Day-to-day life is full of stress and obligations. However, keeping your premises safe need not be one of those problems. Nowadays there are many reliable, cost-effective security solutions that guarantee you can run your business problem-free.


What is new in the area of alarm and security systems? When is it necessary to modernise the systems you already have?


What does CCTV consist of?

A CCTV system is one of the smartest investments a company owner can make. Security cameras are one of the most effective measures you can use to prevent crimes and to protect your employees. In addition, certain insurers may offer discounts on premiums if you have a CCTV system at your premises.

Modern CCTV systems also allow you to see what is going on at your office or store at any time from your computer, mobile phone or tablet.


How can you control the security system remotely? 

Older alarm systems were quite limited in terms of what they could do. Initially, they had to be armed and disarmed by keying in the passcode. So the owner or someone who knew the code had to be physically present. Modern alarm systems can be remotely controlled via a smartphone. It is not necessary for more than one person to know the code. The business owner can disarm the system without having to be physically present at the premises.


What access control options are there?

Upgrading your business’ security systems offers another major advantage. Access control to certain rooms in the business premises is essential. Instead of giving keys to reliable employees, you can program in key-less entry codes. These codes can be easily added and removed, and you can even provide different access levels to different employees. Security systems for businesses can also keep detailed access records so that you know who enters and leaves at various times.


Why should you opt for Lysi Security?

Lysi Security specialises in security services and systems and has many years of experience of designing efficient automation systems. 


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